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    Gas Flue Terminal Certification

    September 2008

    A wide selection of clay gas flue terminals are manufactured by WT Knowles including various inserts and single piece and 2-piece chimney pot terminals in red terracotta, buff and traditional salt-glazed.

    WT Knowles already had certification for these items issued by British Gas in accordance with BS1289-2:1989 – Flue blocks and masonry terminals for gas appliances. Specification for clay flue blocks and terminals. This standard has now been withdrawn and replaced by
    BS EN 13502:2002.

    The company is pleased to report that its range of gas flue terminals has been type tested and certified by Advantica Certification Services in accordance with BS EN 13502:2002 – Chimneys. Requirements and test methods for clay/ceramic flue terminals.

    The certification for Type 2 terminals covers the full range of 14 gas flue terminal products in red terracotta, buff and traditional salt-glazed.

    The exhaustive testing programme included freeze/thaw cycles, acid resistance tests and aerodynamic behaviour.
    Aerodynamic behaviour tests are carried out under wind-free and wind conditions and testing under wind conditions includes variable wind speeds and approach angles whilst maintaining internal flue flows.

    Incorporated in the test programme are examinations for internal and height dimensions and squareness for the base on parallel sided flue terminals. The gas flue terminals are marked in accordance with the requirements of the standard.

    Details of the range of certified gas flue terminals are available on our website including downloadable images and drawings. The drawings provide comprehensive information on dimensions, weights and markings.

    Certified products

    KNO180           Gas terminal
    KNO180C         Crowned gas terminal
    KNO205           Gas Terminal
    KNO205C         Crowned gas terminal
    KNO160SQ       Square base gas terminal
    KNO160SQC    Square base crowned gas terminal
    KNO160SQF    Square base flanged gas terminal
    KNO300SQ      Bishop gas terminal
    KNODFE4        DFE Double gas terminal
    KNODFE5        DFE Double combi gas terminal
    KNOLBGT       Leeds bishop sit on gas terminal
    KNOLBGT1     Leeds bishop with spigot gas terminal
    KNOTC7          Single combi gas terminal
    KNO3PB          2-piece bishop gas terminal

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