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    May 2018

    The WT Knowles Guide to Flue Liners and Terminals has been updated with a new look and enhanced images.

    Installation, cleaning and testing of the Flue Liners is explained together with the correct fitting of Terminals (Chimney Pots). A key feature of clay chimney pots is the ability to withstand the aggressive, corrosive nature of flue gases. Acid resistance testing is a requirement of BS EN 13502:2002

    Additionally, atmospheric winter conditions can subject clay chimney pots to successive freeze/thaw temperature and moisture cycles which may create internal stresses in the material. Therefore, in order to demonstrate that chimney pots are unaffected by these conditions, a Freeze/Thaw test procedure is included in BS EN 13502:2002

    A wide range of Chimney Pots and inserts manufactured by WT Knowles in terracotta, buff and salt glazed clay have been independently tested and certified for Acid Resistance and Freeze/Thaw cycles by BSI to BS EN 13502:2002 The BSI certificate is included on the website for reference

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