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    May 2018

    The WT Knowles catalogue provides a useful visual overview of individual products, groups of products and their overall sizes and weights to aid selection.

    Additionally, the new point of sale Product Guide gives a handy, quick reference to the range of chimney pots and inserts.

    Some new items have been added this year including the novel capped Edwardian Pot and two larger sizes to the popular Flue Vent range for redundant flues.

    The range of supporting materials has been complimented by the introduction of Insulating Backfill material for use during installation, after fitting of the chimney pot and before application of the flaunching.

    Lintels and Meter Boxes are a regular feature of the WT Knowles product range. Further details of these products are available on the website.

    The range of Meter Boxes from WT Knowles has now been complimented by a National Grid specification semi-buried gas meter box.

    Each WT Knowles gas and electric Meter Box has a comprehensive data sheet giving regulatory information, dimensions, guidance on installation and details of accessories and spare parts. The data sheets can be downloaded from the website and a separate price list is available on request.

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