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  • Which Chimney Pot?

    Which Chimney Pot?

    The selection of a chimney pot may be for a replacement or to suit a new fire installation. Either way, a chimney pot should be chosen for functionality and suitability for the service, ease of fitting and aesthetic appearance.

    Some Solid Fuel pots such as Altham, Knight, Champion, Edwardian and Ryburn certainly have a striking visual effect complemented by the traditional Bishop and Windguard Pots. Roll Top pots are very popular providing a minimalist aspect to the chimney feature.

    Over time, certain designs and styles of pot have become associated with particular regions and have adopted the name of the area as part of the description of the pot; Halifax Windguard, Leeds Bishop, Southport, Kendal and Carlisle Blowdown are typical examples of such pots in the W T Knowles’ extensive range of Solid Fuel Pots.

    Heritage organisations such as National Trust, English Heritage and World Heritage frequently specify clay chimney pots to blend in with the existing structure of classic buildings and in one recent instance, W T Knowles was engaged to make special Square Panelled Pots for the Salt’s Mill World Heritage Site in Saltaire near Bradford, West Yorkshire.

    If it is to be a like for like replacement, the decision is more straightforward although there may be an opportunity to improve the performance of a fire by selecting an alternative pot. The style of the base, round or square may be an influencing factor. Most chimney pots from W T Knowles are available in plain terracotta, salt-glazed finish or in an attractive buff shade. Traditional salt-glazed chimney pots are only available from W T Knowles.

    W T Knowles has an unrivalled range of terracotta chimney pots, terminals and accessories to suit Solid Fuels, Gas and Multi fuels extending to over 180 variants. Even when a flue/chimney system is no longer in use, W T Knowles has a wide selection of flue vents and blanking accessories necessary to preserve the status of the redundant flue. The accessories provide protection for the chimney system from the ingress of rain and nesting birds and when flue vents are fitted, allow air to circulate to prevent stagnant and damp conditions.

    Terracotta Gas Flue Terminals from W T Knowles are independently tested and certified by BSI to BS EN 13502 Type 2 and are available in a variety of styles to suit the existing chimney installation. The most common types are inserts but Bishop Gas Terminals and Combi Gas Terminals may even replace the existing terracotta chimney pot.

    H-Pots are particularly useful in preventing the prevailing winds affecting the performance of a solid fuel installation and W T Knowles has a wide selection of sizes and mountings. The Popular Pot and Anti-Aircraft Pot provide similar wind resistance and a striking rooftop presence.

    The inclusion of multiple vents, which are openings passing round the wall of the chimney pot, promote the ‘draw’ of the pot allowing the flue gases/smoke to be drawn up the chimney faster and more efficiently which can improve the operation of the fire. Sankey Pots and Vortex Pots are particularly installed for this purpose but the design of Bishop, Windguard and 3-bowl pots for example also gives an extra ‘draw’ capability for fire efficiency.

    A wide selection of Hoods and Tops are available as inserts or push-on accessories to suit existing terracotta chimney pots. These Hoods generally have large apertures for the exhaust of flue gases and have a contoured top, some Mushroom shaped and others a simple convex shape which reduces the effect of rain and deter nesting birds. The Hoods and Tops also assist in increasing the ‘draw’ and reducing downdraughts.

    The different types of clay chimney pots from W T Knowles comply with the Construction Products Regulations. The Declarations of Performance are downloadable from this website.

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